How to shorten pants, using the original hem.

I know it’s been a long time since I posted the previous post on how to make a pattern from an existing garment, but it’s been so hot.  My workroom is in a shed with no a/c and it’s been in the 100’s with 60-80% humidity, but I will get it done.  In the meantime, I want to share how shorten pants, using the original hem.

1. Mark your pants to your desired length.

2. Cut on that line.

3. Taking the part you cut off, measure the hem.  Pants have different length hems, depending on the type of pant.  Measure the hem, then measure up from the hem stitching, just a shorter length than the measurement of the hem, and cut there.  For instance, if the hem is 1/2″, you’re going to cut up from the hem stitching line 3/8″.  
4. Take out the hem and reattach the hem to the pants. Make sure to keep the right hem with the right leg or the seams won’t match up. You want the flat-felled seam to match up with the right flat-felled  seam.

5. Once the hem is sewn back on, press the seam allowance toward the hem, fold the hem back into position and sew it back down.

This takes time to get really good at.  There are different types of fabric and denim that works better than others.  Just keep practicing!