Narrow Hems- Tutorial

This hem can be used on chiffon, organza, lining, or any other type of delicate fabric.

To create a narrow hem on chiffon or organza, start by cutting your fabric about 1.25 inches longer than your desired hem length.  In the picture, I measured a 1″ hem.

1. Measure 1 1/4″ up from the raw edge of your fabric and mark your fabric. Do this all the way around your garment.


2. Fold your hem on that line and press with an iron, being careful not to pull the fabric.

3. Sew as close to the fold line as you can get, without going off the fabric.


4. Use duck-billed scissors and trim the hem off, cutting as close to the stitch line as you can get without cutting the threads.



5. Now, fold the hem up, just past the original stitch line and stitch close to the fold again.


6. Press the hem again.



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