McQueen and I – A Documentary

I found this video on Youtube of the rise and death of one of the greatest and I might add strangest British fashion designers.

While watching the documentary, I thought in certain times in his life, if this had been handled differently maybe his life could have been different, or if someone had noticed this or that, but we’ll never know.

You can watch the documentary here


Project Runway All Stars Season 5!

I’m so excited that PRAS Season 5 has begun! Is anyone else watching?  I’d love to hear what you thought of the first episode! Who is your favorite designer? you can check them out here. Has your opinion of them changed since their original season?

The only draw back for me is the DRAMA!!  I really don’t like it.  PR Junior is so much easier to watch because the kids seem to really like each other and there’s little or no back biting.

Tips, Techniques and gadgets for sewing

Tips, Techniques and Gadgets for sewing

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be discussing different types of presser feet, machine needles, a variety of stitches: machine and hand sewing.  Interfacing, stabilizers and a lot more! Including reviews of products that have made a huge difference for me.

Now, early on in my sewing journey, I used to tell myself that I needed to be the best! I held myself to such an unbelievably high standard, that sewing began to be a chore, instead of something I enjoyed. I would look at other people’s and designer’s work and think “it’s not really talent if you have to use fancy gadgets to make it look that good!”  I’m still shocked at the thoughts of that arrogant teenager.

It took many years to understand that it’s ok to use the latest and greatest gadgets and wonderful variety of presser feet for my machines.  I actually set out to own all the different feet for my particular machines. Since then, the quality of my work has improved and the stress level has gone way down. Now I want to share the information on tips, techniques and gadgets  for sewing, that will take the stress out and put the fun back in!

Check back often for product reviews.