Fashion is everywhere!

In an attempt to learn more about fashion, fashion design, and fashion business, I looked up fashion business on my podcast app and found some really great podcasts.  I realize I may be the last to know about these podcasts, due to the fact that I’m getting such a late start in the fashion business, but what I’m learning is so eye opening!

When I used to think of fashion, I thought of a woman or man that was really put together.  They looked polished, and sophisticated.

Wow! was I wrong! One of my favorite podcasts is The Seams podcast with Jacki Lyden.  You can find the website here.

I love old movies because I love the costumes but, have never given thought to cod pieces, but she give some interesting information on where they came from, why they were used and special unwritten rules when men wore them.

Did you know that in history, they put corsets on their children? Yeah, it seems odd, but their reasoning was interesting.  Check out the podcast to get all the info.

Oh! apparently, fashion is a big thing in Jockey silks and in football uniforms too!

A couple other podcasts that I like are:

New Mart Network-The New Mart.  I have a fondness for this one because I used to shop in the L.A. Textile district.

The Style Success Podcast with Mallory Sills

Have a great day!