Alexander McQueen

I have been sewing for 28 yrs.  As much as I love to sew, I’m not a fashionable person, nor had I known the names of  fashion designers, until my friend Amber, (owner and creative mind of Daylin Skye Designs bags) asked me who my favorite designers were.  I told her, that I don’t know.  I don’t even know the names of any Fashion designers.  She gave me some names to look up, so I started going through the names. There were many great designers, that made beautiful couture dresses, but then I saw Alexander McQueen’s designs. They took me to another world! They caught my breath! Where did he get his inspiration? I could look at his designs all day, because I could feel them. They touched me on a level that I can’t describe.

Then, I read that he committed suicide! My heart broke!  A life ended much too soon! The suicide of his good friend and muse, Isabella Blow, in 2007 and on Feb 2, 2010 the death of his mother, left Lee (Alexander) depressed and unable to cope with his loss. Nine days later, on Feb 11th, Alexander was found hanged in his flat.  He was 40 yrs old.

I mourn the loss of a man I never knew.

These are some of my favorites.

Of course the man himself.
Of course the man himself.

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alexander mcqueen dresses

alexander mcqueen Embellished silk-chiffon and lace gown (2)






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