I finally found photos of the dresses I made for the fashion show that I did in April.  This was such a great experience for me.  All the dresses except the copper, poly-charmeuse was designed by me.


May-Angela Gowns-7

May-Angela Gowns-9

May-Angela Gowns-10-1

May-Angela Gowns-15

May-Angela Gowns-17

May-Angela Gowns-19

May-Angela Gowns-21

May-Angela Gowns-23


May-Angela Gowns-24

May-Angela Gowns-26

May-Angela Gowns-31-1

May-Angela Gowns-32

May-Angela Gowns-34


May-Angela Gowns-36

May-Angela Gowns-38

May-Angela Gowns-39

May-Angela Gowns-40


May-Angela Gowns-46

May-Angela Gowns-53

May-Angela Gowns-55

May-Angela Gowns-56

May-Angela Gowns-63


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