Goodbye California, Hello Montana!

After my last post, I was bogged down with work and wasn’t able to continue my count down.  I had some last minute sewing to do and then had to pack up my sewing room.  The past couple months have been a blur.  After the fashion show, we had to start  purging and packing for the move.  We moved on Friday, June 13th 2014.  The drive was long and uneventful.  The scenery was beautiful the whole way.  I loved seeing how the landscape changed throughout the drive. California plants tend to look brown and yellow; Nevada and Arizona is more desert with lots of dirt and  few plants, but some beautiful red rock!!.  From there, it started getting green.  Utah has beautiful green rolling hills as does Idaho.  It just kept getting more beautiful, until I reached Big Sky Montana, the place I now call home. Here are some pictures of our drive.  The photos are not in the order that we drove.  

Let me just say, Siri and Google are liars.  I drove 18 hours the first day and then another 9 hours the next day. lol