23 Days

Life holds so many twists and turns. Lately, I feel like I’ve had to change directions on a dime.  I was going to school full time, running my sewing business, sewing for the college fashion show and was in the process of applying for Project runway season 13, when I was told that I have to move.  My landlord decided to sell the house I’m living in. Having no place to go, my sister offered me a place with her in Montana.

I’ve lived my entire life in California. Now, in 23 days, a page in my book of life is turned, that chapter ending and the new chapter beginning.  It’s both frightening and exciting!  I’ll get to experience the 4 seasons for the first time in my life, though from what I’m heard from my sister, it’s more like two.  Blazing hot or Freezing cold.  I’m looking forward to a slower paced life, less traffic, cleaner air, cheaper rent, a full time job.  Knowing that my life will be different, but not really knowing how or what to expect, makes me a little apprehensive. But, seeing that I have a killer personality and amazing interpersonal skills, that fear won’t last long 😉

I’m currently in the process of making 4 dresses for a fellow designer, that will be showing her handmade jewelry in a local show. A suit for another customer, a bag full of alterations. I’m selling most of my worldly possessions. I plan to leave with just what I need; My 2 daughters, dishes, clothes, work equipment and Christmas decorations.  This will be our first white Christmas!!


My new home




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