Day 21

I wasn’t as productive as I had planned to be, but I received good news today!  After walking my son to school, I walked to the store to get a few groceries.  On the way out of the store, I received a call.  It was from Montana, so I thought it was my sister, but when I answered it, I realized it was a woman responding to the resume I submitted yesterday.  We scheduled an interview for 2 days after I arrive.  It feels good to have something waiting for me when I get there.


22 Days

22 days until we move. I worked on the suit today. I drafted the skirt pattern yesterday and cut the lining of the skirt out today. Assembled it and had my client come for a fitting. It fit perfectly!! I was so happy! I just didn’t want to have to deal with a lot of adjustments, this close to moving. My plan was to sew while it was daylight, and then sort and pack in the evening, but it’s 8:38 and I’m already fighting sleep. Tomorrow, I plan to work on the fashion fabric of the suit and then work on some alterations. In the evening, I’ll go through my paperwork and shred or pack it up.
Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow. 🙂

23 Days

Life holds so many twists and turns. Lately, I feel like I’ve had to change directions on a dime.  I was going to school full time, running my sewing business, sewing for the college fashion show and was in the process of applying for Project runway season 13, when I was told that I have to move.  My landlord decided to sell the house I’m living in. Having no place to go, my sister offered me a place with her in Montana.

I’ve lived my entire life in California. Now, in 23 days, a page in my book of life is turned, that chapter ending and the new chapter beginning.  It’s both frightening and exciting!  I’ll get to experience the 4 seasons for the first time in my life, though from what I’m heard from my sister, it’s more like two.  Blazing hot or Freezing cold.  I’m looking forward to a slower paced life, less traffic, cleaner air, cheaper rent, a full time job.  Knowing that my life will be different, but not really knowing how or what to expect, makes me a little apprehensive. But, seeing that I have a killer personality and amazing interpersonal skills, that fear won’t last long 😉

I’m currently in the process of making 4 dresses for a fellow designer, that will be showing her handmade jewelry in a local show. A suit for another customer, a bag full of alterations. I’m selling most of my worldly possessions. I plan to leave with just what I need; My 2 daughters, dishes, clothes, work equipment and Christmas decorations.  This will be our first white Christmas!!


My new home



Palomar College Moda Extreme Fashion show

After months of planning my collection, sketching my designs, drafting patterns, sewing the garments, the big day had arrived!  I tried to keep in mind, that all this work would only be for a few short moments on the runway.  I spent so much time hand-sewing the bling on my dresses,  I wanted them to sparkle in the lights.  What I hadn’t realized, was that I wouldn’t be able to watch my dresses go down the runway.  Nevertheless, it was a great night! I didn’t realize it until we arrived, but we weren’t able to take pictures of the show, but my friend wasn’t aware of that rule and got pictures for me!!  They’re pretty blurry, but I’m glad to have them! I’ll be able to replace them when I get the CD from the school.