Bewildered by Pattern services?

Bewildered by Pattern services?



I came across this article, written by Kathleen Fasanella on Feb 7, 2014 on Fashon-incubator, when doing research for my Fashion Industry class.  Through tests that we took, seeing our strength, analyzing our skills and passions, I’ve come to realize, that my skills not only lie in sewing, but pattern making as well.  They go hand in hand really. I’m not so sure fashion designing is my thing, since it’s very stressful for me and I don’t enjoy it.

When I entered the fashion program last semester, I took a good look around me, at my classmates and how very important fashion was to some of them.  I believe fashion to be a form of self expression.  It tells the world about who we are and with whom we identify ourselves, not to mention, clothe our bodies and protect us from the environment. In my mind, it certainly wasn’t something to get obsessed with. (I’ve always been such a practical person)

It would seem, pattern makers are undervalued.  People aren’t wanting to pay what they’re worth.  People will sacrifice fit, comfort and superior workmanship, for a label.  By sending the work overseas, so the brand will be affordable. We lost quality and fit.  I’d hate for us to lose pattern makers and their skills   It seems that garment manufacturing is coming back to America.  I would love to see quality come back with it.