Happy New Year!

I am excited about this new year!!  I have plans to purge my house of “stuff”  and do a lot of sewing.  I love when I can do both at the same time!

A few years ago, I made some 9′ drapes for a friend to cover 2 windows.  Two panels for each window.  Last year, she decided she didn’t want them anymore so she gave them back to me.  That’s a LOT of fabric! I had them folded and placed in plastic bags, then stuffed in pillowcases and thrown in the corner of my room.  Now that my room is getting cluttered, or now that I’m sick and tired of my room being cluttered, my mind got to spinning and now I know what I’m going to do with those drapes!  I love those old Victorian bedrooms! so, I’m going to recreate that look. My husband is going to think I fell out of  a tree, but I cannot suppress my creativity!! lol

It won’t look exactly like this, but similar.  In fact, the fabric is very similar in color.  I’m also going to make drapes for my one window.








Also on the list of sewing projects, is some pj’s for my son.


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