Summer outfit

Ok, Now that we’re heading into Fall.  I finally find the time to post pictures of my Summer outfit. :/

I really like the outfit.  I’ll probably make the skirt and jacket again, since I love them so much.  Just different fabrics.  The skirt will be great in some fall fabrics! and some boots. I can’t wait!

I was afraid the Jacket would be too hot for Summer, since it’s lined, but it was PERFECT!  we went to an outdoor wedding.  Though the weather was warm.  I was very comfortable in my jacket.  I love the lining because it didn’t stick to me. 🙂 The hem is straight, it just hangs crooked on the manni, because it’s too big and just pinned in the back.

My mannequin is much smaller than I am so it’s really big on her 🙂

A little closer look of the jacket.

I hope you can over look the flaws.  I do NOT like to hand sew.  Mostly because I’m not very good at it.


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