Seamstress but not a Fashionista

Ok, I don’t know how I fit into the sewing world.  I’m not a fashionista,  a trend setter or even particularly creative, I don’t care for the current styles and I don’t follow the crowd. but I do love to sew!!

I’ve been working on an outfit to wear to an outside wedding.  I’m really stepping outside myself on this outfit, because I usually like stuff that is dark in color and a tad too big.  Yes! I tend to try and hide in my clothes so no one will see me. lol

I’m made New Look 6843 (the red skirt).  A basic “A” line.  I had to lengthen it about 7 1/2″.  No other alterations were necessary.

This is the fabric I used.

I am currently making a trench coat to go with this skirt.  Trench coats are probably supposed to be outer wear, but not this one 🙂

McCalls M5816

I’m making this in a white linen look fabric. My fashionista SIL says I should put big black buttons on it and wear the outfit with black shoes.

I thought I’d have to do a Full Bust Adjustment, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have to.  I did re-position the bust darts.  I’ll post pics of the completed outfit when it’s finished.


2 thoughts on “Seamstress but not a Fashionista

  1. white with black buttons and heels would be really cute! I’m at a loss as to which shoes to wear with my burda dress for the wedding we’re going to. Guess I’ll have to try them on (novel idea, huh?) hahahaha


    1. Jaime, are you going to post a picture of the complete outfit when you decide which shoes? I have black shoes, but not the style for this outfit. Guess I’ll have to go shoe shopping 🙂


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