Going Home- Preparation

Due to things my son is going through, I’ve decided it’s time to go home to California.  Even though I’ve gained some skills , jobs here aren’t hiring full time, so coming up with the money to make the move is going to be a challenge.  I’m currently working for a high end men’s clothing store, doing alterations.  I love the work, and there are plenty of men buying clothes, but there are companies that offer made-to-fit suits and it eliminates the need for alterations, so again, I’m hustling, trying to get this money together for the trip back to my son.

I didn’t want him to know that I was coming, just in case it didn’t work out to the timeline I set, but someone let the cat out of the bag and he is really excited!  I have to make this happen!

So, I have been applying everywhere for a second and even third job.  I got called in on a job I applied for, to fill out paperwork for a background check. They said it would take about two weeks. ugh! In the meantime, I’m doing bridal alterations at home for a local bridal shop that is going out of business.  They should be closed in September or October.  My deadline for leaving is October 31st!

Normally, I’d be stressed about the insane hustle, but it’s pulling out of me the grit that I’ve always know was there.  I used to be so negative and fearful, but this hustle is changing me and I accept the challenge to make it any way I can! Legally! 😉

It was recommended that I open a GoFundMe account.  I know some people are hesitant to give money for something like this, but I’m not sitting around waiting for people to drop money in my lap.  I’m working, I’m selling online, I’m doing side work,  I’m selling my stuff.  If you’d like to donate, I’d appreciate it!


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Have a great Day!




Going Home- A little background

I’ve lived in California all of my life, not much changed in my life and I was good with that! I didn’t like change, but in my mind’s eye, I often saw myself in different places, doing different things working in various types of jobs. Not hoping for it, but definitely wondering what it would be like to move around, work in different places and seeing different things.

Well, that time came in my life in June 2014.  I was being pushed out of California due to my circumstances. I lacked the skills and confidence to reach for those higher paid positions and jobs just weren’t hiring full time employees due to the fact that companies were being forced to provide health insurance for their full time employees. I told my ex, that if he’d give me more than $200 for child support a month for both children, then I might be able to squeeze out a living there, but he said he couldn’t.  My son wanted to live with him and as devastating as it was, I had to leave him there, and took the girls with me.

So, In June 2014, I took my tax return, sold as much of my stuff as I could, except for my sewing equipment, which I could always fall back on for making money on a side hustle, and filled a 17 foot U-Haul truck.  What didn’t fit, got left behind.  My oldest daughter and I left our home in Southern California and headed out to Helena, Montana.  I had sent my younger daughter out a couple of weeks earlier to be with my sister.  She’d be waiting for us when we got there.

Before we left, California, I had set up a job interview with a temp agency, so I’d have work as soon as I got there.  I worked for the temp agency for a month before I got a job at the hospital in housekeeping. I worked that position for about 1.5 yrs. While delivering mail on the days that I didn’t work at the hospital.  Then I got a position as a Health Unit coordinator, working 3rd shift on the women’s and children’s floor.  That was a pretty sweet job!

In April 2016, I decided to move to South Carolina, where I am now.  It’s absolutely beautiful here!  So different from California and Montana and nice people.

In preparation for moving to South Carolina, I again, sold all that I could, keeping just what I needed and even had to leave some things I didn’t want to, but if there’s no room, then there’s just no room, so I had to leave those things behind.

The journey has been interesting to say the least.  It has its good moments and plenty of difficult moments, but I’m discovering how resourceful you are when you have to be!

Melania Trumps Dresses!!!

So what did you think of Melania’s dresses??  I literally sucked air when I saw her walk out in the powder blue suit! I don’t know why, but it was so unexpected.  Beautiful and elegant!

I love this one too, but there were some shots taken of the back of the dress where you could see lines from either a lining or undergarments that were very distracting for me. Beautiful nontheless

I’m definitley a sucker for sparkle! She looked beautiful!  I have my political views, but I’m really excited about the fashions we’ll see in the white house!!

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Discover who you are

I believe everyone has a gift, whether it be painting, drawing, sewing, carpentry, being able to encourage others etc. Our gifts are given so we can help others. What is your gift? Discover what it is and how you can improve your life by helping others. 

Shortening dress shirt sleeves

I used to be so intimidated by this alteration, but it really is simple and the more you do it the faster you’ll get.

1. Pin the pleats down then remove cuff, placket button and placket.

2. Measure the amount you need the sleeve to be shortened, then cut on the mark, removing the excess.  I’m removing 5″ then measure up from the slit, the amount equal to the amount you removed. I removed 5″, so I have to cut up 5″ from  the top of the slit.

3. Put placket back on, starting with the small piece. The small piece is attached to the part of the sleeve closest to the back of the shirt.  Be careful how you put it on. The back or the under side of the placket will be wider, so that when your sewing it on, the underside will be caught in the stitching. 

Now sew the large piece back on, making sure the smaller piece is not visible,when it’s sewn on.

4. Now sew the cuff back on. 

The front of the cuff is interfaced, but the back isn’t, so it can be a bit floppy. Sew with the interfaced side up, so the feed dogs will feed the “floppy” fabric through.  

When you move the cuff up that much, you’ll need to add another pleat, on the other side of the placket. Just make sure, the tuck is facing the right direction. 

Make sure everything aligns, so the placket lays flat.

5. Sew the placket button back on.

I hope this was easy to understand and helpful. Have a great day! 


How to shorten pants, using the original hem.

I know it’s been a long time since I posted the previous post on how to make a pattern from an existing garment, but it’s been so hot.  My workroom is in a shed with no a/c and it’s been in the 100’s with 60-80% humidity, but I will get it done.  In the meantime, I want to share how shorten pants, using the original hem.

1. Mark your pants to your desired length.

2. Cut on that line.

3. Taking the part you cut off, measure the hem.  Pants have different length hems, depending on the type of pant.  Measure the hem, then measure up from the hem stitching, just a shorter length than the measurement of the hem, and cut there.  For instance, if the hem is 1/2″, you’re going to cut up from the hem stitching line 3/8″.  
4. Take out the hem and reattach the hem to the pants. Make sure to keep the right hem with the right leg or the seams won’t match up. You want the flat-felled seam to match up with the right flat-felled  seam.

5. Once the hem is sewn back on, press the seam allowance toward the hem, fold the hem back into position and sew it back down.

This takes time to get really good at.  There are different types of fabric and denim that works better than others.  Just keep practicing!